Sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection systems are designed by our engineering staff for any structures exposed to an electrolytic medium complete project management offers capability in selection of materials and installation of cathodic protection systems. CorrTech also provides periodic testing and troubleshooting of operating cathodic protection systems. CorrTech can implement solutions that facilitate management of the operating water system, versus continued management of failures and leaks.

CorrTech designs corrosion solutions. The solutions can be material changes, protective coating specifications, high performance building materials, or cathodic protection systems. All designs meet or exceed the recommendations of our industrial societies such as NACE, SSPC, CSI and ASTM. We have performed many designs and written specifications for structures such as underground tanks, pipelines and water storage tanks. These designs are reviewed by a staff of engineers and stamped by a licensed engineer. CorrTech specializes in custom designed impressed current and sacrificial systems depending on the application.

  • Design & Installation
  • Corrosion Control
  • Compliance Testing and Evaluation
  • Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Integrity Management
  • Continuity Testing
  • Stray Current Testing