Tank Inspections & Cleaning

CorrTech can provide inspections of bulk chemical tanks in accordance with all Federal, State and Local Regulations. inspections are conducted by three man crew consisting of an API-653 Certified Inspector. 

Tank Inspector and NACE Coatings inspector. Interior out-of service inspections are conducted in strict accordance with OSHA confined space procedures. 

The RoboVac or VR-600 can be used with inspections or as part of a routine cleaning program to maintain water quality. Tanks to be cleaned remain on-line and in-service during the cleaning process. No turbidity is created due to the careful balance between speed of cleaning and rate of pumping. These robotic cleaning systems clean at a rate of approximately 200-1200 sq. feet per hour. The normal pump rate is 100-250 gpm.

  • API 653 Tank Inspections
  • STI SP001 Tank Inspections
  • ROV Underwater Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Coating Inspection
  • Regulation Compliance Management
  • Routine Maintenance